・Large easy to read tri-color LCD display
・Small & light design and easy to operate
・Sensor built-in type and remote sensor type, selectable
・Battery virsion is available which can be placed anywhere

Sampling method Diffusion type
Principle of detection Potentiostatic Electrolysis Method
Detection range 0 to 150 ppm
Alarm setpoints 1st 50 ppm / 2nd 100 ppm
Type of alarm Gas alarm / fault alarm
Display of alarm Lights up / buzzer / display
Explosion protected construction Non-explosion protection
CE marking ECM / RoHS (DC specification only)
Power source AC spec. : 100 VAC ±10 % 50/60 Hz DC spec. : 24 VDC ±10 % Dry battery spec. : AA alkaline batteries 2pcs.
Continuous operation Approx. 1 year (25ºC, no alarm and no lighting, when using two AA alkaline dry batteries)
Dimensions Main body: Approx. 80 (W) × 120 (H) × 35.5 (D) mm
Remote sensor: Approx. 40 (W) × 96 (H) × 35.5 (D) mm
Weight AC : Approx. 200g
DC : Approx. 180g
Dry battery : Approx. 230g
Remote sensor : Approx. 55g
Operating temperature range 0 to 40℃ (no sudden changes)
Operating humidity range 0 to 90 %RH (no condensation)
Target gas CO