GD-70D series is a gas detector head to detect toxic gas, oxygen, and combustible gas generated at semiconductor and liquid crystal factory, etc. The reduction of an environmental load has been achieved by reuse of the sensor substrate and recycling of components.

Sampling method Suction type
Principle of detection New Ceramic catalytic Method, Semi-Conductor Method, Hot Wire Type Semi-Conductor Method, Non-Dispersive Infrared Method, Potentiostatic Electrolysis Method, Membrane Type Galvanic Cell Method, Pyrolysis-Particle Detection Method
Type of alarm Gas alarm / fault alarm
Display of alarm 1st : ALM1 lamp lighting (red) 2nd : ALM2 lamp lighting (red)
Explosion protected construction Non-explosion protection
CE marking EMC / RoHS
Power source 24 VDC±10 %
Dimensions Approx. 70 (W) x 120 (H) x 145 (D) mm
Weight Approx. 0.9kg
Operating temperature range 0 to 40 ℃ (no sudden changes)
Operating humidity range 30 to 70 %RH (no condensation)
Target gas 1-C6H12, ALD, AsH3, B2H6, Br2, BTBAS, C10H22, C2F4, C2H2, C2H2CL2, C2H4, C2H4O2, C2H5OH, C2H6, C2HCL3, C3F6, C3H6, C3H6O, C3H8, C4F6, C4H6, C5F8, C5H5N, C5H8O, C6H12, C6H12O3, C7H8, C8H16, C8H18, CH2CL2, CH2O2, CH3CN, CH3OH, CH3SiH3, CH4, CL2, CLF3, CO, COF2, COS, CTFE, D2, DEA, DEMS, DMA, DMAC, DMDMOS, DMF, EDC, EMA, EO, EtAc, F2, GeH4, H2, H2O2, H2S, H2Se, HBr, HCL, HCN, HF, HFE7200, Hhfac, HI, HMDS, HMDSO, HNO3, i-C4H10, i-C4H8, I2, IPA, LAE, LPG, MMtA, n-C6H14, N2H4, N2O, NF3, NH3, NMP, NO, NO2, O2, O3, OK-73, OMCTS, PF3, PGMMEAc, PH3, QMS, R-123, R-134a, R-152A, R-245fa, R-32, R-407E, R-41, R-410A, Si2H6, Si3H9N, SiH4, SiO2, SO2, TEB, TEOP, TEOS, TMA, TMB, TMOP, TMP, TMS, TRIMOS, TRIMS, VCM, VDF