・Drawing pump of large flow rate built-in.
・Flow rate decreasing detector sensor installed.
・Easy maintenance owing to unitizing components to be exchanged periodically.
・One-man maintenance possible.

Model list

  • SD-D58・AC/DC (Catalytic combustion method, New ceramic method)
  • SD-D58・AC/DC・GH (Semiconductor method)

Sampling method Suction type
Principle of detection Catalytic Combustion Method, New Ceramic catalytic Method, Semi-Conductor Method, Hot Wire Type Semi-Conductor Method, Thermal Conductivity Method
Type of alarm Gas alarm / fault alarm
Explosion protected construction Flameproof enclosures
Explosion-proof class ATEX : Ⅱ 2G Ex db h ⅡB+H2 T4 Gb
Ingress proof rating IP67
Approvals Japan Ex, ATEX, Brazil Ex, Taiwan Ex, China Ex
CE marking EMC / ATEX / RoHS (DC specification only)
Power source 100 to 110 VAC ±10 % 50/60 Hz
24 VDC ±10 %
Dimensions Approx. 197 (W) × 286 (H) × 140 (D) mm (excluding projections)
Weight Approx. 5.8 kg
Operating temperature range AC spec. : 0 to +50 ℃ (no sudden changes)
DC spec. : -20 to +53 ℃ (no sudden changes)
Operating humidity range 0 to 95 %RH (no condensation)
Target gas 1-C6H12, 1233zd, 2-BuOH, 2-C4H6, 2-EHA, 3M3POH, ACH, AcOBu, AGE, AK-225, ALD, AMA, ANISOLE, BCHD, BCM, c-C5H8, C10H12, C10H14, C10H16, C10H18, C10H22, C11H24, C12H26, C2-OLEF, C2CL4, C2F4, C2H2, C2H2CL2, C2H3OF3, C2H4, C2H4O2, C2H5CHO, C2H5CL, C2H5NH2, C2H5OH, C2H5SH, C2H6, C2H6O4S, C2H6S, C2H7NO, C2H8N2, C2HCL3, C3F6, C3F6O, C3H3N, C3H4O, C3H4O2, C3H5CL3, C3H5N, C3H5OCL, C3H6, C3H6CL2, C3H6O, C3H6O3, C3H7Br, C3H7N, C3H8, C3H8O, C3H8O2, C4F6, C4H10O, C4H10O2, C4H3OF7, C4H5N, C4H6, C4H6O, C4H6O2, C4H6O3, C4H8, C4H8HNO, C4H8O, C4H8O2, C4H9F, C4H9NH2, C5F8, C5H10, C5H10O3, C5H11N, C5H11NO, C5H12O, C5H5N, C5H8, C5H8O, C5H8O2, C6F6, C6H10, C6H10O, C6H12, C6H12O, C6H12O2, C6H12O3, C6H14O, C6H14O2, C6H14O3, C6H15N, C6H4CL2, C6H5CL, C6H5NH2, C6H5NO2, C6H5OH, C6H6, C6H9NO, C7H10, C7H12O2, C7H14, C7H14O, C7H14O2, C7H14O3, C7H16O3, C7H6CL2, C7H7N, C7H8, C7H8O, C8H10, C8H12, C8H14, C8H16, C8H16O2, C8H16O3, C8H18, C8H5F13, C8H8, C9H12, C9H14O, C9H20, CCL4, CF2Br2, CH2Br2, CH2C2F4, CH2CL2, CH2O2, CH3Br, CH3CL, CH3CN, CH3I, CH3OH, CH3SH, CH4, CHCL3, CMME, CO, COS, CS2, CTFE, Cumene, D2, DBuE, DCPD, DEK, DM-METN, DMA, DMAC, DMAPA, DME, DMEA, DMF, DMSO, DMTG, DVB, EDC, EGDME, EMC, EO, EtAc, EtBenz, EtCPD, EtEP, H2, H2S, HCHO, HCOOCH3, HeXD, HexOH, HFE7200, HMDS, HT-135, i-BA, i-C4H10, i-C4H8, i-C4H8O, i-C5H12, i-C6H14, i-C8H18, IBA, iC12H26, IPA, IPC, IPE, iPenOAc, JET-A1, JP-4, JP-5, JP-8, KEROSEN, LAE, LAM, LIMONEN, MAA, MCF, MEK, MeOAc, MIB, MIBK, MMA, MMtA, MO, n-BMA, n-BuOH, n-C4H10, n-C5H12, n-C6H14, n-C7H16, NAPHTHA, NBC, Neo-Hex, NH2OH, NH3, NMP, nPA, nPAc, NPC, Pacid, PacidMt, PGLY, PGMEE, PGMMEAc, PMVE, PO, PVC, R-11, R-112, R-113, R-113E, R-114, R-12, R-141b, R-142b, R-152A, R-21, R-22, R-225cb, R-245fa, R-32, R-404A, R-407C, R-407E, R-41, R-410A, R-417A, R-422A, R-454C, R-502, R-507A, R365mfc, SO2, TBA, TBM, tC3H2F4, THF, THT, TMA, TMEDA, VAc, VCM, VDF, VEE, ZT-150